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Whiteboard explainer videos

Hand drawn, tailor-made, high quality, ultra high definition

Corporate data visualization and infographic videos are an essential tool for companies trying to convey complex ideas in a compelling way.  We blend professional quality audio with real-time illustrations that come to life before the viewer’s eyes.  We make even the driest material interesting. 


Scientific studies have shown that viewers retain information they see in these videos longer than presentations in other media. Furthermore, the cartoon-style drawing holds viewers' attention substantially longer than other types of videos, which leads to better viewer interest and retention of information.

The process of making a corporate video is surprisingly quick and painless.  Once you have written the draft of your script (the message you wish to get across) our artist will propose some visual ideas during a zoom session in which she will draw for you live.

From here, we will create visual storyboards for you to review. There then follows the choice of voice over (we have a large selection of languages and talent to choose from) and royalty-free music.  It's all edited together and, after validation, sent to you by internet so that you receive the final video as quickly as possible.

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