Sketchnoting as a powerful tool

What is Sketchnoting? It is a methodology that involves communicating concepts visually.

Mayer’s cognitive theory of multimedia learning, analysed the importance of using sketchnoting for communicating. 

Because drawings are a critical way to communicate, visual representation such as sketchnoting can improve the ability to retrieve information by up to 15%.


Andy will help facilitate you achieve that 15% and more, at your conferences, online summits or presentation. Online or in house, Andy can take your event to the next level by Sketchnotes/Facilitating LIVE, exactly what you want...while you are saying it! 

No need to spend hours making a still PowerPoint. Send your presentation to Andy and she will create for you a sketch note that will visually animate and stimulate, ensuring memory retrieval through a bespoke artwork, on the day and give you graphics that will last! 

Talent and Tech, Coming Together.


If you want something special for your clients, something they will always remember; just add Andy to your event.

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