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The Power of Sketchnoting. 

What is Sketchnoting? It is a methodology that involves communicating concepts visually.

Mayer’s cognitive theory of multimedia learning, analysed the importance of using sketchnoting for communicating. 

Because drawings are a critical way to communicate, visual representation such as sketchnoting can improve the ability to retrieve information by up to 15%.


Q2D will help you to achieve that 15% and more. Want a more human touch to your conferences, online summits or presentation? Online or in house, Q2D can take your event to the next level. LIVE or within a tight deadline, Quick2Draw will give you exactly what you want! 

No need to spend hours making a still PowerPoint. Send your presentation to us and our creative team will design for you simple, fun, bespoke animations that will visually stimulate, ensuring memory retrieval, and give you graphics that will last! 

Talent and Tech, Coming Together.


If you want something special for your clients, something they will always remember; just add Quick2Draw to your event.

Andy shows you how to she comes up with her designs.

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