A picture is worth a thousand words 

You’ve probably heard or used it in conversation yourself more times than you could count, but have you ever thought about how it could apply to your business?

As a society, we turn to and rely on visuals when we want to be entertained, when we want to socialize with others, and when we want to learn.

If you’re looking for ways to better communicate, educate, or connect with your current and prospective customers, your employees, or your investors, one great way to do it is by taking the time to visualize the raw data you collect and share.

Quick2Draw is a creative hub set up by sisters Andy (international commercial artist) and Kirsten (former TV producer).  

They have joined skills to help business' communicate better with their employees, investors and clients through tailor-made white board drawings "data visualization" for presentations, marketing campaigns, video demos, internal reports, personalized GIFs, employee and client caricatures, film and TV storyboards, shows, pitches,... 

Using Skype and interactive technology, we can work with clients live, anywhere in the world without leaving the office. And thanks to new technologies, we send the final drawings and fully edited videos to you over the internet, which means that we not only draw quickly, we also deliver quickly.



Andy has over 20 years experience as an international commercial artist caricaturing celebrities, assemblies, royalty,…as well as appearing on TV shows, worked on newspaper cartoons, personal portraits and company commissions. She is the essence of what Quick2Draw is all about.



With over 20 years experience in the TV industry as an international flying producer and writer in the light entertainment industry, Kirsten knows a lot about pitching to clients: "Coming up with ideas is easy; selling them to strangers is hard". That's why she decided to join her expertise with Andy's unique artistic talent to help companies express themselves through white board drawing and data visualization. "Working in a visual industry I understand the importance of images for people to tell a story. Our service is a fast and efficient method to get your point across and capture your audience.  By setting up Quick2Draw, Andy and I wanted every company, in every country, culture and language, to benefit from these tools; with the added bonus of new technologies which allow us to draw live for clients over Skype and deliver the final drawings and videos through the internet. 

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