Andy has over 20 years experience as an international commercial artist; caricaturing celebrities, assemblies, royalty; appearing on TV shows; working on newspaper cartoons; personal portraits; company commissions; live art events; digital art tutorials... She is the essence of what Quick2Draw is all about.



With over 20 years experience in the TV industry as an international flying producer and writer in the light entertainment industry, Kirsty decided to join her expertise with 

Andy's unique artistic talent.  "Working in a visual industry I understand the importance of images for people to tell a story. Our company has created a fast and efficient method to get your point across and capture your audience. By setting up Quick2Draw, Andy and I wanted every company, in every country, culture and language, to benefit from our know-how; with the added bonus of new technologies which allow us to draw for clients over Zoom and on social media such as our live art tutorials on Facebook and Youtube, as well as our private events.

A picture is worth a thousand words 

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